Phew! Zoey came to the shelter, rocking the famous skunk scent. Looks like she did a lot of nonsense before she got to High Country Humane! But don’t worry, the smell is gone and Zoey is the happiest 6 year old.

Zoey spent time with a foster family where we found out that she was not a bitch worthy of apartment living. She just wants to be around people all the time and she is quite energetic for her age. Got any squeaky toys? You have Zoey’s heart. Some other advantages of adopting this girl: she is clean and has no destructive tendencies! As with other animals, Zoey does not get along well with cats or small animals.

Zoey waits so patiently at the shelter for someone to come and see how special and cuddly she is. She has been adoptable for a month now and we hope she doesn’t have to wait any longer to find her forever.

As with all animals in High Country Humane, Zoey is up to date with her vaccinations, corrected, and comes with a free lifetime microchip registration. We are open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., no appointment necessary! Find out more information, all of our adoptable pets, and more on our website at

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