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Will O’ Wisp is a cute blue-eyed cat who loves his Brussels sprouts and spinach. She’s sweet as a rabbit and, ultimately, she just might be the next Cadbury Bunny. And this year, she is the only kitty and the only animal from Texas in the competition, The Denton Record-Chronicle reports.

Cadbury Rabbit Pictures via Instagram/a_will_o_wisp

👍 Will O’ Can Give You A Thumb’s Up 👍

polydactyl cat

“Too cute for period. 🤷‍♀️”

That’s not the only remarkable thing about this fluffy ball of fur. She is also a polydactyl Kitty. This means that this sweet cat also has a thumb, thanks to a genetic mutation. But when Will O’Wisp was a kitten, things weren’t exactly going well for her. After being rescued, her tail was in very poor condition due to gangrene. So part of it had to be amputated. Poor little cat.

Will O' Wisp as a kitten

Will O’ Wisp as a kitten

But the good news is that little Will O’ Wisp has found a loving home with Sarah Elkins. Now she had a safe place where she could recuperate and her humom quickly started liking her. The two have now been together for 2.5 years.

“My late cat passed away suddenly and I was extremely depressed,” Elkins said. “I saw Will O’s photo on Humane Tomorrow’s Facebook [page] and I had to meet her. It was an instant connection and I fell in love.

This sweet kitty definitely had to learn to deal with the loss of part of his cock, but that in no way dampened his playful purr.

“OMG her balance was terrible but that didn’t stop her from getting on the cat shelves,” Sarah tells me.

white cat, black cat

She has plenty of time to play and loves her Kitty siblings.

It must be really adorable because when she’s feeling playful, she makes a lot of cute cat noises.

“My favorite thing is that she coos,” Sarah says. “She goes ‘ooh Wo wo wo’ when she runs.”

I guess it’s common because she has three kitten siblings to play with – Yin, 7, “who’s the queen”, Juju, 4, and Samhain, who at 2.5 is ” the baby”. She is also a terror. 🤣


“Yin is the Pooka if our home. Isn’t she pretty?

My beautiful and super strong big sister, Yin, and my best friend, Juju!

“My beautiful and super strong big sister, Yin, and my best friend, Juju! 😻😻😽”

But with several playmates, Will O’ “loves to play dress up”.

cat with bow Cat with bow 2

But Will O’ Hit A Scary Bump In The Road.

However, last year Will O’ had another frightening health problem when she developed pancreatitis, which can be very dangerous in cats. the Cornell Feline Health Center reports that the prognosis in sick cats can vary greatly depending on the severity of the disease.

“For cats with mild to moderate forms of the disease, the prognosis for recovery is generally very good, although repeated episodes are possible. Pancreatitis can, however, be fatal in cats with very severe forms of acute pancreatitis,” the Center reports.

cat in a cat bed

Luckily, little Willow is a tough little cat and there was no way she would let this disease stop her.

“It was such a close call,” Sarah says. “She was so positive and tried so hard to eat and get through the pain. She loves food so it was terrifying to watch her not eat for a week. Luckily, with the right meds and my amazing vet, she was able to pull through.

Perhaps the happiest thing about it is that Will O’ didn’t have to undergo surgery. That left Sarah $6,000 in debt, but like all of us who love our cats, she says she’d do it again “in a heartbeat.”

The contest is supposed to end on Monday, March 22, and Will O’ definitely has some competition, including 3 dogs, a horse, a bearded dragon, a sugar glider, a little parrot, a hedgehog, and a llama. Cadbury is donating $5,000 to the American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals, plus an additional $5,000 donation for every 5,000 additional votes totaling up to $20,000.

If Will O’ becomes the next Catbury, er Cadbury Bunny, Sarah intends to donate most of the money to the Ukrainian Animal Fund. She notes, “I can slowly pay off the debt, but they need help right now.”

This darling cat has been through so much. She testifies to how tough a cat’s mind can be. I’m giving this brave little polydactyl kitty a thumbs up.

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