“Looking at a cat, like looking at clouds, stars or the ocean, makes it hard to believe that there is nothing miraculous in this world. “
– Leonard Michaels, American writer

  • KCAC’s Adorable and Adoptable Pet of the Week is written by Tecla Metzel of Kane County Animal Control.

Look at the night sky this time of year and you might be able to spot Orion the hunter in the stars. The constellation is one of the easiest to find due to the brightness of the stars it contains, especially if the night is clear and filled with stars and you have a pair of binoculars or a telescope.


No telescope is needed to view Kane County Animal Control’s Orion, an 8 month old domestic spayed shorthair orange tabby – just a feline appreciation with an outgoing personality.

When you meet Orion, prepare to be taken by storm as he tries to climb onto your shoulders and snuggle up to your neck and ear. There is nothing shy or shy about this young man because he says very clearly that he wants your full attention!

Teaching him how to play is not something that has to be on your agenda as he has absolutely fantastic playing skills, developed on his own.

Don’t be fooled by her sedentary posture when you enter the chat room. It will only last a second or two. Soon he’ll start his marathon around the chat room pretending he’s Lightning McQueen, moving so fast it’s hard to tell he’s a cat in the blurry image.

Orion gets along well with other cats and can benefit from having a friend to play with, “zoom” with, and snuggle up during the day.

Orion will illuminate your home with energy, playfulness and above all love. And isn’t that a miracle!

Call ahead for an appointment!

Due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, KCAC is asking all potential adopters to call ahead and make an appointment to visit one of KCAC’s adoptable animals.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we want to continue to be vigilant to keep our employees and county animals as healthy as possible.

How to adopt

All adoptable Kane County Animal Control cats and dogs are sterilized, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccines, including rabies. They are tested for feline leukemia / FIV and heartworm.

The adoption fee is $ 200 for dogs and $ 100 for cats. Adopting two dogs costs $ 300 and adopting two cats costs $ 150.

For more information on Kane County Animal Control’s adoptable animals and to apply for an adoption, please visit www.kanecountypets.org.

About Kane County Animal Control

It is the duty of Animal Control Department at:

  • Make sure all domesticated dogs and cats over 4 months of age are vaccinated against rabies and carry a Kane County rabies tag.
  • Ensure that all reported animal bites are given special attention to the possibility of rabies infection.
  • Make sure pet owners are made aware of proper animal bite procedures and follow those procedures.
  • Contain free-range / stray dogs in unincorporated Kane County and the towns and villages they have contracted with.
  • Investigate complaints about nuisance dogs in unincorporated Kane County and the towns and villages they have contracted with.

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