BIRDSBORO, Pa. — Community donations helped ARL get a puppy the care he needed after he was found injured.

Looking at it today, you would never know it was in bad shape last week.

“A Very Good Samaritan found Fozzy Bear wandering down Cotton St. in Reading, unable to stand and bleeding from the mouth,” said Ashley Mikulsky, head of development for the animal rescue league.

He had a fractured mandible and was very swollen. Medical treatment required a specialist, so the Animal Rescue League took him to a dental surgeon in Levittown; because Fozzy Bear was a stray, it’s unclear how he got hurt, but the vet says it was probably NOT abuse.

He has already had surgery on his upper mouth, but due to the type of injury he will need another one when he is a bit older.

It was the Jack’s Fund fed by donations from the community that paid for the operation.

Mikulsky says about once a month they get an animal that needs advanced veterinary care.

“Jack’s Fund is the fund that helps us pay for emergency medical procedures beyond what we can do here,” says Mikulsky. “It’s so important that people make regular donations to this fund because we never know when another Fozzy Bear is going to walk through our doors.”

He will need time to recover, but Fozzy is now starting to behave like a healthy, happy pup.