Peque the cat may only be around 3 years old, but she already has an impressive resume. Abandoned as a kitten in a metal recycling plant, she immediately got to work helping the kind Spanish-speaking employees who started feeding her and nicknamed her Peque (“child” in Spanish) for his reduced stature. She enthusiastically accepted the position of factory greeter, lunch inspector and all-around cheerleader. But the workers knew what she really needed was a safe, covered home, so when they couldn’t care for her anymore, they called PETA to help find her a permanent family.

With years of working in front of the public under his belt, Peque has impeccable all-around skills, not to mention his soft, charcoal-colored fur. Still wild, she can’t wait to welcome visitors to her new home and show them all the best places to nap as well as the ideal vantage points to watch for birds and squirrels outside the windows.

Peque’s communication skills are also excellent. A single meow let workers in the farthest corners of the recycling plant know it was time to get her dinner, and she’s eager to connect with all kinds of customers — er, companions — in her future home.

Did someone say “teamwork”? The sweet and affectionate Peque gets along with everyone she meets and would be happy to work together to help you achieve all of your goals. Do you have a deadline? She will make sure you start your day early by reminding you to get out of bed to give her breakfast. Drowned in paperwork? She’ll be happy to help with the accounting by sitting right on top of those pesky forms – out of sight, out of mind. (Although to be honest, she would prefer the paper was crumpled up into balls so she could hunt.)

Peque is flexible (she’s happy to work anywhere on the East Coast), adorable, and open to learning new things, like how toys work and where all the best treats are kept. Ready to take on Peque as part of your team? Write to [email protected] to learn more.