LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – Bessie, a dog available for adoption through Loudoun County Animal Services, is a seasoned traveler of the world. She was originally rescued from a residence in South Korea, according to the animal shelter.

Bessie is currently in foster care, but she is ready to join her own family forever which will allow her to live her best life.

Bessie has already been spayed and has a beautiful tan and white coat. According to the animal shelter’s PetHarbor page, she has been with the animal shelter since December 2020.

“Bessie has learned so much from her early days in a small cage,” wrote the online animal shelter. “While her definition of being a dog may still seem a little different from the norm, Bessie is thriving and teaching us every day to love and accept her, the way she is.”

Bessie is a bit of an outdoor dog, and the animal shelter has noted that she enjoys spending time in a spacious yard with a breeze and her back and the sun shining. “Her favorite outdoor activity is to run in the yard, bounce and squirm and encourage her dog friends to join us,” the animal shelter wrote.

Bessie also loves her toys. She manages to entertain herself with them, throwing them back and forth, checking their squeaks and making sure they’re approved by Bessie.

Although she is a dog, Bessie is quite the social butterfly. “Bessie finds solace in her other canine friends,” the animal shelter said. “When she’s not sure she turns to them for advice and support.”

Her foster family also noted that Bessie quickly befriended a chicken.

Anyone interested in meeting Bessie can complete a survey to schedule a conversation with a member of Loudoun County Animal Services and meet this amazing puppy.

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