“While it is certainly a monumental task, it is not something I had to think about for more than a second before accepting. It is truly an honor to be able to give these dogs the life they deserve.” – Homeward Trails Animal Rescue executive director Sue Bell said in a statement according to People.

According to a statement from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, an animal shelter based in Fairfax, Va., more than 400 surplus beagles will finally find permanent homes.

Hundreds of beagles have been rescued from Envigo, a breeding facility based in Cumberland, Va., which has supplied the puppies to research organizations in the United States and abroad. They weren’t on sale since the pandemic slowed demand

Because of this, these unfortunate dogs never experienced what it was like to grow up in a loving environment.

Envigo contacted Homeward Trails Animal Rescue to see if a deal could be reached.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue has moved 300 puppies to partner shelters and other safe, happy and healthy rescue facilities around “Virginia and beyond” from March 25, 2022. This was done to ensure they would have enough space to safely care for the dogs until they were adopted and moved to their future homes.

Bell and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue gave their surplus pups a great future, and Envigo is grateful.

The result was also great news for families looking to add one of the animated dogs to their collection.

Visit the Homeward Trails Animal website to learn more about the organization and its rescue mission.

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