Ricky Gervais’ latest Netflix comedy special, SuperNature, has just been released and has stirred the cultural pot yet again

Ricky Gervais has always been open about his atheism

Few celebrities reach Ricky Gervais’ level of stardom, and even fewer walk away from some of the claims the comedian has made.

This is one of the reasons he has such a devoted following, as all the criticism seems to be flowing from him like water off a duck’s back.

Arguably, he is best known for his views on religion, especially Christianity, regularly poking fun at faith on Twitter and in his comedic routines.

This all stems from his strong worldview, distancing him from faith and even farm animals – he’s vegan and hasn’t eaten animal products in years.

He pursues his passions and views both on and off camera, as the star has been known for his animal activism for many years.

Is Ricky Gervais an atheist?

Ricky Gervais has been an avowed atheist since he was eight years old


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Ricky has never been shy about broaching the subject of atheism and his journey with it.

In 2010 he wrote a candid letter for the Wall Street Journal in which he directly answered the question of why he was an atheist.

Explaining what he tells believers when asked why he doesn’t, he said: ‘So it’s ironic that ‘I don’t believe in God because there’s absolutely no scientific evidence. of its existence and from what I’ve heard the very definition is a logical impossibility in this known universe,” comes across as both condescending and rude.

He added, “Why don’t I believe in God? No, no no, why do you believe in God? Of course, the burden of proof is on the believer. You started it all.

Why is Ricky Gervais an atheist?

Ricky Gervais revealed he lost faith as a child



Ricky wrote in a article shared on his site that he “loved Jesus” growing up but that all changed when he was eight years old.

He remembers a time when his brother asked his parents, “Why do you believe in God?”

According to Ricky, his mother “freaked out”, saying “Bob” in a tone that meant “shut up”.

Ricky wrote, “Why was that a bad thing to ask? If there was a God and my faith was strong, it didn’t matter what people said.

He added: “Within an hour, I was an atheist. Wow. No God. If Mom had lied to me about God, had she also lied to me about Santa Claus? Yes, but who cares? The gifts follow. Just like the gifts of my rediscovered atheism.

“The gifts of truth, of science, of nature. The true beauty of this world. Not a world by design, but one by chance. I learned about evolution – a theory so simple and obvious that only England’s greatest genius could have invented it.

“Evolution of plants, animals and us – with imagination, free will, love and humor. I no longer needed a reason to be, just a reason to live.

“And imagination, agency, love, humor, fun, music, sports, beer and pizza are all good reasons to live.”

Is Ricky Gervais vegan?

Ricky Gervais has been a long-time supporter of animal welfare



Although Ricky is best known for his atheism, he is also a vegan and has been practicing this lifestyle for several years.

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, he was asked a series of tough questions.

Jimmy asked, “Who’s the best Beatle?” Before adding: “If you had to be a cannibal, who would you eat? [from the Beatles]?”

Ricky quickly replied, “Well, I’m vegan, so that’s even worse for me. I will not do it.

Jimmy laughed: “What about Paul McCartney? He’s vegan.

Ricky continued, “Well it doesn’t make a difference if you eat someone who’s vegan, you’re still eating meat right?”

It’s not the first time he’s spoken out on animal rights, with the star launching a campaign in 2021 calling for an end to a series of fake animal rescue videos on YouTube.

Around the same time, he joined the Humane Society to create an animated short titled Save Ralph.

The film follows the life of a cosmetics tester bunny, with the video going viral on social media soon after.

Does Ricky Gervais want to be canceled?

Tom Hanks’ reaction to Rick Gervais’ jokes at the Golden Globes



In his latest Netflix special, SuperNature, Ricky pushes his own comedy boundaries, and his upcoming stand-up, Armageddon, will continue that trend further.

Rickey jokingly admits, “I treat it like it’s my last.”

He added: “It won’t, but I want to put it all in. I want to try to be canceled. No, I just want to do everything there.

“[Armageddon] is about the end of the world and how we are going to destroy ourselves for many reasons, be it media stupidity or the real end of the world.

Armageddon currently doesn’t have a release date, but it’s expected to hit the platform in 2023.

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