Imagine being presented with a glossy brochure that states five parking spaces will be removed, a no stopping zone installed, the pedestrian safety buffer zone to a busy highway with a concrete pathway addition poorly designed appearing after the fact. That’s exactly what happened to businesses in Bodalla when Transport NSW officers called to let them know work would start on May 2. The proposed pedestrian facilities are to be installed on the Autoroute des Princes in Bodalla opposite the Bodalla Dairy and are expected to operate from Monday May 2, 2022 until mid-2022 between 7am and 4pm. . Transport for NSW says the work will include:

• an extended curb to improve visibility for pedestrians and freeway users • a pedestrian refuge to create a safer place for pedestrians crossing the freeway • installation of southbound no stopping signs on the Princes Highway • the pedestrian path will be extended south to the northbound side of the highway • improved drainage on the Princes Highway to improve network resiliency and safety.

Transport for NSW justifies the project by saying: “During busy periods such as weekends or holidays, it may be difficult for pedestrians to safely cross the Princes Highway and access Bodalla’s shops and services. The pedestrian facilities will improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians Their glossy brochure says

Following feedback from the community last yearthe pedestrian facility has been redesigned to include a pedestrian refuge to further improve pedestrian safety when crossing the Princes Highway and reduce the impact on parking.

“Transport for NSW is working closely with Eurobodalla Shire Council to deliver this project.” Locals, receiving notice of what is being proposed, have reviewed the design and raised concerns about the design and also the impact the installation (and removal of critical parking) will have. Business owners question Transport NSW’s statement saying “Following community feedback last year…”

Those who The lighter spoke asked the same question “What a comeback…no one spoke to us”. A petition with over thirty signatures from affected local businesses asking for a roundtable to be held to engage with the business community and listen to their concerns and suggestions has now been forwarded to Transport NSW. If there is no response, Transport NSW crews will be greeted the same day by a very vocal group of business owners

Above: Two of Bodalla’s business owners with the petition calling for work to stop until there is proper consultation and Transport NSW understands the community’s concerns from a community perspective security and finance.