Saturday sale this Saturday at the Delta Animal Shelter


ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) – The Delta Animal Shelter has said kitten season is late this year and the shelter now has several adoptable cats.

“This time of year the weather is getting colder and people who see stray cats tend to bring more back this month,” said Susan Gartland, director of the Delta Animal Shelter.

To help all cats find loving homes, the Delta Animal Shelter is hosting a “Big Caturday Sale” this Saturday from eleven in the morning to three in the afternoon.

“These are all vaccinated microchips sterilized by shovel and ready to find a perfect home,” Gartland said.

Normally the adoption fee is $ 50 for cats and $ 125 for kittens. But for the Caturday sale, the adoption fee is sponsored. Thus, 59 cats are ready for a permanent home.

“Which meant the public donated money so that they didn’t get any adoption fees,” Gartland said.

If you find a stray animal, the shelter still encourages you to bring it back.

“We will definitely try to find the owner of some first and foremost and if not, we will have him spayed and neutered and we can offer him for adoption,” Gartland said.

But if you are looking for dogs to take home, the shelter has two dogs looking to be adopted together. Sienna is one of the newest puppy mill moms.

“She was very scared, shy, had been adopted several times and came back I think because of all her fear issues,” said Patti Hubble, head of the resident unit at the Algiers Correctional Facility.

The second dog, Chloe, was rescued from Louisiana before Hurricane Ida made landfall last month.

“The two met in the prison program and hooked up right away. I think they both probably had the same basic issues and they just bonded and kind of complemented each other, ”Hubble said.

Adoption fees for both dogs are sponsored by Pete’s Pick and Pull and Gene’s Towing in Escanaba.

To learn more about adoptable animals, click on here.

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