Staff at a suburban natural center say a coyote has found a good home and is being well cared for, while some residents say the animal’s living conditions are unacceptable and it should be moved in a larger reserve.

The coyote currently resides at the River Trail Nature Center in the suburb of Northbrook. Staff say the animal imprinted on humans after being separated from its parents in 2018.

“We have interactions with him every day,” said Brian Winters, staff member. “And it’s not just basic care, food and water, but it’s also the interaction.”

The animal lives in an enclosure at the nature reserve, but some locals say the coyote doesn’t have enough space.

“They are cruel, they are tiny and they are cramped,” said resident Nicole Milan. “There is no room for him to run. To witness it in person is heartbreaking. It doesn’t look good.

Milan has started a petition to move the coyote to another wildlife sanctuary, according to the Chicago Tribune, and the petition has more than 2,300 signatures.

She has posted videos of the animal being stimulated in her pen, with some vets claiming that the stimulation can cause stress and other health issues for the animal.

Still, center officials say the videos have been taken out of context and the coyote is receiving a lot of stimulation.

“He’s got energy,” Winters said. “He needs to move. He likes to investigate things that we add to his cage every now and then to keep things interesting, and he also reacts to the presence of people.

Reserve officials say the enclosure has passed federal inspection, but that is not enough for Milan and others who want the animal to be sent to a larger sanctuary.

“Taxpayers are unhappy that their money is helping to fund this,” she said.

Cook County Forest Reserves heard opinions from both sides of the debate at a recent virtual meeting, but no decision has yet been made on whether to move the animal.