“I want to be part of the community. I think all vets do. But if they fill their day and only get half the salary it costs, it ends up costing the company dearly.

SPCA clinic

Recent improvements to the way the SPCA helps cats include renovating their cages and outside help, such as a rescue organization and foster homes, with pregnant cats and their kittens, Hervey said. by email.

The money for the SPCA clinic’s equipment was funded by grants, Hervey said, through the efforts of board member Patti Covington and others. A part-time veterinarian has been hired and the SPCA is hoping to hire a licensed veterinary technician.

Each year, the SPCA spends $ 105,000 on spaying and neutering animals and between $ 15,000 and $ 25,000 in veterinary fees for injured animals that come to the SPCA, Hervey said. These funds would be redirected to pay the salaries of the veterinarian and technician.

Hudson said that rather than competing with local vets, it would be better for the SPCA to cooperate with them: “We seem to be competing with government grants, and it’s very unfair to vets trying to make a living in it. the region.

Hervey said the SPCA hopes their clinic will be up and running by October.

“If we can do the medical work in-house, it will come full circle” from caring for animals on their way to good permanent homes, “Hervey said via email. “A low adoption fee ($ 5-10) will allow every family to afford a fixed, fully vaccinated, microchip pet and hopefully smother the free gifts. a good house “” from unforeseen litters.

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