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Ms. Amy Wolf taught 16 of her 18 years as an English teacher at Sperry High School. She has taught sophomore and senior English throughout her time at Sperry, including pre-advanced placement English and advanced placement English literature and composition. Ms. Wolf recently moved to the position of high school counselor.

Ms Wolf noted that since both of her parents were educators themselves, she “knew from an early age” that she too would enter the profession. She saw that “education can be fun, inspiring and life-changing” and found much to learn from literature. “By the time I was ready for college,” Ms. Wolf recalls, “I knew I could be an educator who used my love of English and reading to inspire young minds to explore their inner voice. and reach their highest potential.”

A former student of Ms. Wolf noted: “Mrs. Wolf makes English fun and uses a hands-on approach to get the class excited.

Sperry Secondary School Principal Richard Akin said: “I am extremely impressed with Ms. Wolf’s ability to actively engage students in her class in learning and the way she brings print to life. in his class. He pointed out that she is also highly respected by her peers, as “she knows her content area very well and is ready to lend a hand whenever she needs it.”

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“Ms. Wolf has long been an important asset to the staff at Sperry High School,” said Sperry School Superintendent Dr. Brian Beagles. preparing students for college, career and citizenship, and Ms. Wolf is the cornerstone of Sperry’s teaching staff.”

As District Teacher of the Year, Ms. Wolf will fill out the nomination for Oklahoma State’s Teacher of the Year. Each district’s teachers of the year are eligible for the honor, which will be decided in the fall of the next school year.