Starting the zodiac with Donald is good. Yes, “DuckTales” is very Scrooge-centric, but Donald was Disney’s first duck, and the rest of the world grew up around him. Making Donald an Aries is just as well because, well, close your eyes and think of Donald Duck. What do you see? A duck in a sailor’s uniform? Or maybe a flap of the arms, a flutter of the beak, a ball of squealing anger in a sailor’s uniform? When it comes to the zodiac, few are as quick to anger as an Aries, and when it comes to Duckburg, no one beats Donald for sheer rage.

Even though they have a short fuse, Aries are also bold, heroic, and caring. More often than not, Donald uses his anger to protect those he loves. In “Daytrip of Doom!” Once he finds out that the Beagle Boys are trying to redeem his nephews, Donald’s berserker rage brings down the Beagles single-handedly under Mrs. Beakley’s stunned gaze. And long before the triplets arrived, he was traveling the world, venturing out with his sister, Della, and their uncle Scrooge.

While he doesn’t always show it, Donald is just as much of a leader as any Aries. It supports during “The Shadow War!” to take down Spell’s Magica and save Scrooge. While Donald can have trust issues at times, just like any Aries, when he decides something, he gets there.