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Voice of Real Australia is ACM’s regular newsletter, which has reporters in every state and territory. Sign up here to receive it by email, or here to forward it to a friend. “How cute does an animal have to be before you care if it dies to feed you?” – and lower the microphone. This line delivered by the main character of the Yellowstone TV series, John Dutton, as he interacted with an animal rights activist, made farmers pump their fists in their living rooms. For once, the argument has been overturned and activists have had to think about the food they eat and how it is produced. Like many protests by animal activists around the world, these figures protested against factory farming of animals and “the mass murder of millions of animals every year.” If anyone has watched the show, they will know that American breeder Mr. Dutton is not a man who mince words. And he didn’t disappoint in his response: “Have you ever plowed a field … to plant quinoa or sorghum or whatever you eat? You kill everything on the ground and underneath you kill every snake every frog, mouse, mole, worm you kill them all. So I guess the only real question is how cute an animal has to be before you care if it dies for you feed? ”That line left the leader of the animal activist group speechless, but in reality it sums up the hypocrisy of it all. Animal rights activists call on farmers to kill cattle, but they kill animals to create the habit of growing plants. Whenever you need to modify a habitat to build a city or grow food, something is misplaced or dies. Activists wear their opinion as a badge on their chest and impose their philosophy on others without hearing the other side. It’s a cheap criticism that farmers don’t look after animals when animals always come first. These people who want to stop the world from eating meat think we are mistreating our animals. But in fact, Australian producers love their animals and work hard for the best animal welfare results. Throughout the drought we have seen many farmers put their livestock before their own welfare – this is not like someone neglecting to care for their livestock. I preach to converts when I say this, but Australian farmers are the best environmentalists and animal welfare workers in the world. And we are fortunate to live in a society where you have the right to choose what you eat. There is an abundance of food grown for vegans or for people who love meat. However, when it starts to be politicized or preached as a religion, this is when the conversation turns away from reality. If people choose not to eat meat, that’s okay, but they shouldn’t attack people’s livelihoods because it’s not “awake”. I proudly choose to eat meat and grow beef (like I bite into a steak sandwich with a healthy side of quinoa) because I love it and am very proud to support a growing innovative industry. A balanced ecosystem and a balanced diet contain both animals and plants. The emotional argument is unfounded as most animals lead comfortable lives until their job is done. And rest assured that Australian farmers take care of all their animals, even the ugliest ones. ***** This is the last VORA newsletter of the year. We hope you enjoyed reading the news and opinions from our hardworking journalists who are scattered throughout Regional Australia. We will be back to bring more to you in 2022. From all of us, a happy and safe Christmas and New Year – a time when it will be more meaningful than ever to unwrap the most precious gift of all; time spent with family and friends. If you want to filter all the latest news until a late afternoon read, why not sign up for The Informer newsletter? MORE THINGS HAPPEN IN AUSTRALIA: