Liz White is the Animal Welfare Party of Canada candidate (and party leader) in the riding of Toronto-Danforth for this month’s federal election.

Liz White, candidate for the Animal Protection Party of Canada in Toronto-Danforth, answers four questions from Beach Metro Community News regarding this month’s federal election.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates were asked to limit their responses to around 150 words, and some of the responses were edited to be as close as possible to the agreed number of words. Beach Metro News sent these questions to the eight contenders vying for Toronto-Danforth. Sole independent candidate Habiba Desai; Maryem Tollar of the Green Party; and Liz White of the Animal Protection Party responded.)

QUESTION 1: Please tell our readers a bit about yourself and why you have decided to run for this election?

My name is Liz White. I am the leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada. I have decided to run for this election because of the climate emergency we are facing.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada (APPC) shares the urgency expressed in the most recent report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the imminent and apparent threat of global warming, and the catastrophic impact it will have on all of our lives. Despite these predictions, the major parties have not approached the problem holistically, as if we have plenty of time to radically change the way we live on the planet. The Animal Welfare Party made this our key election message through national and local radio and television advertisements.

QUESTION 2: What will you and your party do to seek justice from the Indigenous peoples of Canada regarding past abuses of the residential school system, and commit to responding to calls to action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015 ?

The Animal Welfare Party will work to implement Indigenous peoples’ legally enshrined rights to self-determination that already exist and have been ignored or circumvented by governments in Canada.

A fundamental aspect of this would be an aboriginal-led decision as to what to do with the Indian Act and how to reimagine a Canada without such discriminatory legislation. This will lead to the affirmation of the inherent right of indigenous peoples to self-government, as each nation defines it. As privileged partners in this transition, we will provide the legislative support and funding necessary to ensure that Indigenous communities have the resources to achieve self-determination and define their identity on their own terms. To see the full platform on our proposed new Indigenous partnership, visit

QUESTION 3: Given the high number of elderly people dying in long-term care facilities from COVID-19 and the appalling conditions many of them were living in by Canadian Forces personnel called in to help, what steps will you and your group take to help protect seniors in the future?

It is hard to believe that in a wealthy country like Canada, we need to protect our vulnerable seniors from inhumane and deplorable conditions.

Even now, with episodes of extreme heat across Canada, we don’t need adequate cooling in resident rooms. In many situations, residents must go to shared cold rooms. Our party would use the Canada Health Act and the Canada Health Transfer to establish national standards for such facilities and that these must be met to obtain the transfer of funds for health.

QUESTION 4: In your opinion, what is the problem in your constituency that you can have the most impact on if you are elected as a Member of Parliament?

In the broadest sense, I will be able to speak of the global heating emergency that we are facing. Locally, I think I can contribute to the fight to save Jimmie Simpson Park and to have Ontario’s transit line buried along its entire length so that communities around the park and adjacent to the line. proposed are impacted as little as possible by the project.

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