Animal rights activist John Curtin was still in a police station after being arrested for the second time today during protests at Camp Beagle.

It came after a large contingent of police were called to the MBR Acres Animal Research Center in Wyton in Cambridgeshire.

Police held back protesters as vans carrying beagles from the center exited the center.

Protesters could be heard screaming and screaming as the vans were cleared.

Mr. Curtin was later seen being arrested by police.

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Witnesses say he was trying to intervene after a second protester was involved in a skirmish with police.

“John was trying to explain to the police that animal transport regulations were being ignored,” a witness said.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: ‘A 55-year-old woman from the Huntingdon area and a 58-year-old man from Coventry have been arrested on suspicion of common assault and remain in custody at police station in Thorpe Wood.

“We continue to provide an impartial and proportionate response to protests, balancing the right to protest with the right of site staff to go about their legal business.

“We ensure a safe environment for protesters to express their views peacefully and for site staff to do their jobs, which is protected by the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005.”

Two weeks ago, Mr. Curtin was arrested and released after 14 hours of questioning.

On this occasion, supporters of the campaign to ban beagles from animal research at the MBR Acres site in Wyton kept vigil outside Thorpe Wood Police Station where he had been held.

Mr. Curtin came out to cheers and said he had not been charged.

He described it as a “hectic day” and said he was advised not to make “any comments” throughout.

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