Coyotes broadcaster Tyson Nash continues to defend his controversial comments he made during a Coyotes-Ducks game earlier this month.

In the Ducks’ 5-0 win over the Coyotes on April 1, Ducks forward Trevor Zegras pushed Coyotes goaltender Karel Vejmelka as he covered the puck late in the game. The exception was Coyotes forward Jay Beagle, who cross-checked Zegras before committing to Ducks forward Troy Terry.

The Arizona veteran beat the young Ducks star, leaving Terry bruised and bloody in the face.

During the altercation, Nash told the Coyotes show that what Beagle did was justified and that if Zegras and Terry want to “embarrass the guys, you want to get better, you better be ready to go.” hit in the mouth”.

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The comments sparked controversy online, but Nash defended himself a day later. Even nearly two weeks later, he still sees nothing wrong with what he said.

He went on the Cam and Strick podcast this week where hosts Cam Janssen and Andy Strickland asked him if he would change anything he said. Nash responded by tripling his take.

“Well, I really wouldn’t change anything,” Nash said. “If there was one thing I would change that people jumped on me for, it was that I was trying to downplay and be negative about the technical side of the game, which I find laughable. .”

Nash went on to say that he liked Zegras’ style of play, but should be prepared to defend himself for playing his game.

“I absolutely love [Zegras]”, Nash said. “I like that he chirps, I like his swagger, I like his arrogance. But all I’m saying is when you’re going to do all that, prepare to get punched in the mouth.”

It’s a ridiculous take that Nash continues to defend. On the one hand, he says he likes the skill that Zegras showcases in the NHL, but if he keeps doing it, he should be ready to drop the gloves.

So because Zegras is better than Beagle, he should answer for it? I do not think so.

What happened between Jay Beagle and Trevor Zegras?

Earlier in that same game on April 1, Zegras had scored a game-marking goal for Michigan, picking up the puck on his stick blade and shooting the puck with an enveloping lacrosse motion.

Later in the game, Zegras pushed Vejmelka’s glove as he covered the puck. A scrum ensued where Beagle cross-checked Zegras in the back. Terry came to defend Zegras and that’s when all hell broke loose, with Beagle firing punches at Terry, even when the player was cowering on the ice.

In the background, you can hear Nash defending Beagle for his actions.

The fight left Terry with a gash over his left eye that required stitches.

What did Trevor Zegras have to say about the incident?

Zegras wasn’t happy that Beagle was taking liberties with Terry.

He didn’t hold back in his post-match interview, calling Beagle’s actions “embarrassing”.

“The fact that he’s down and he’s not engaged in a fight, and you’re going to hit him three more times, I think that’s embarrassing,” Zegras said. “I think the league should step in here and do something about it.”

Beagle did not face any league discipline following the incident.