The University of Hawaii at Mānoa has achieved international recognition for academic and research excellence overall and in several fields, including a global top 60 in meteorology, atmospheric sciences and geosciences, according to the World’s Best Universities Rankings 2022- 2023 published on October 25 by US News and World Report.

uhthe flagship campus of is listed Nope. 394 in the world among the top 2,000 universities from 95 countries, selected from more than 26,000 institutions worldwide. Rankings are based on several factors, including global and regional research reputation, publications, citations, and international collaboration. uh Mānoa was also ranked Nope. 106 in total in the United States, Nope. 117 in regional research reputation, Nope. 129 in international collaboration in the United States and Nope. 267 in global research reputation.

According US News and World Report, uh Mānoa is highly ranked internationally in several areas, including Nope. 40 years in meteorology and atmospheric sciences, Nope. 60 in geosciences, Nope. 116 in arts and humanities, Nope. 119 in space science, Nope. 179 in plant and animal sciences, Nope. 198 in environment/ecology, and Nope. 250 in social sciences and public health.

Other rankings

Here is uh The latest notable Mānoa rankings:

For more information, visit the Mānoa Office of Institutional Research website.

—By Marc Arakaki