Meet your new best furry friend! The Ontario SPCA just welcomed new rescue dogs from North Carolina, the organization’s first transport of 2022. After a long journey across the border, the puppies will soon be ready to find their new homes.

All 26 rescue dogs have health certificates and proof of vaccinations and have also undergone an additional welfare screening.

“With 12 animal centers across the province, we currently have room for dogs, which is why we have been able to work with our partners south of the border to give these dogs the loving families they deserve,” wrote the Ontario SPCA in a Facebook post. Publish.

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Once the puppies are available for adoption, a profile about them will be posted in line. There are now all kinds of adoptable pets available in Ontario, including cats, Guinea pigsand even hamster.

If a rescue pup has captured your heart, you can request to bring one home on the Ontario SPCA website.