The Companions and Pets Party (CAP) is the newest addition to the ballot in Victoria’s upcoming state election. CAP will campaign on issues of animal welfare and protecting the rights of people to own pets and companion animals, with plans to field candidates for all Legislative Council seats.

For too long, the narrative of pet ownership has been hijacked by animal rights extremists, exemplified by the Animal Justice Party, whose goal is to abolish pet ownership and eradicate the agriculture based on animals in the Australian landscape, said John Hutchison, Chairman of CAP’s Board of Trustees. Directors.

“With over 60% of Victorian households owning at least one pet, the Companions and Pets Party believes that Victorians need to be fully informed of the potential loss of valued and loved family members,” John said.

“In recent years, with lockdowns and social isolation, the social and welfare benefits of owning a pet have come to the fore. Many people isolated from family members, friends and co-workers were able to benefit from a companion that provided them with unconditional love and comfort, whether it had fur, fin feathers, or scales.

“However, there are pressing risks to our current way of interacting with our animals.”


The Animal Justice Party actively seeks to remove the ownership status of animals, making it illegal to buy, sell or own them.

It is essential that animals have an owner who takes full responsibility for their care, welfare, food and housing – animals have always relied on humans.

Animals have their free will.

Animal extremists believe that owners make animals act against their own will.

They want to prevent you from protecting your pet by preventing you from using a collar or leash when walking them. Or prevent you from putting a halter on a horse or keeping it in a secure paddock.

(This was evident in the recent bill introduced in QLD parliament where leashes and collars were considered cruel restraints and should be banned.)

Other activities that might be considered not allowing an animal to act of its own accord might include riding programs for the disabled, service/therapy animals, pony clubs, or detector dogs. dope.

Impact on farmers and rural communities.

The Animal Justice Party has a very clear program to abolish animal-based agriculture and impose additional taxes on animal products. This will have a significant impact on the viability of the rural communities and farming families that support the many businesses in these towns, as well as increasing the cost of living for people who are already struggling to make ends meet. .

Australia was built on our agricultural heritage and the economic benefits of animal-based agriculture are felt not only in rural Australia, but also in cities, through a range of employment opportunities. in hospitality, retail, transportation and manufacturing, to name a few.

The Australian Greens want to develop and roll out green alternatives for farmers. Again, a potential attack on rural communities and their long-term viability.

John Hutchison, Chairman of CAP’s Board of Directors, said: “CAP will promote legislation to protect your rights as an animal owner – owning an animal, growing it, competing with your animal and keeping your animal as pet, to work your animal and to engage in legal activities with your animal. All of this comes with your responsibility for animal welfare being paramount.


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