Earth to all: Adoption saves lives. That is why Battlestar Galactica icons Captain Starbuck and Number Six — Katee Sackhoff (The Mandalorian) and Tricia Helfer (Lucifer) – partnered with PETA in a video to remind human earthlings to adopt pets, never buy them.

Galactic heroes can take their heads off at times, but they can always agree on one thing: you have to be on board with the adoption to be part of their fleet.

The 13th Colony (aka “Earth”) is full of adoptable pets.

“Even if you are looking for a specific breed, you can still adopt,” point out Sackhoff and his adopted pug, Nelly Bean, in the new PETA video.

It is estimated that at least 25% of dogs in animal shelters are in fact “purebred”. So even if you want a “purebred” dog or cat, check out your local shelter. With millions of adoptable ‘purebreds’, mixed breed dogs and cats, there is no reason to support breeders, puppy mills or pet stores, who deny shelter animals a chance to survive. find a home.

Helfer tells viewers that the Petfinder.com pet adoption database is “like online dating but for adoptable pets.”

Take it from those characters who inhabit space: there are many reasons to adopt.

Each adoption means that an animal will no longer wait for a loving home in a shelter. Adoption fees also support the important daily work shelters do to help animals, including providing vaccines, veterinary care, sterilization and euthanasia, all of which are essential to ending animal overpopulation. companionship and alleviate suffering.

How can you reach these Battlestar Galactica heropro-adoption fleet? Please adopt and never buy and help PETA stem the flow of homeless, neglected and abused cats and dogs who are heading to overcrowded or abandoned animal shelters to suffer and die on the streets due to the overcrowding crisis. Click below to support our sterilization and sterilization immediately, please! Program (SNIP):

Help the animal overpopulation “SNIP” of PETA


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