A video of a baby panda eagerly eating a carrot has gone viral online, racking up more than 3 million views.

The sweet video was posted to TikTok on September 28 by an account called Xiongmaosh, and shows a young panda sitting in a forest in China.

The animal holds a half-eaten potato in one leg and uses the other to gnaw a large carrot.

The reason the video seems to have garnered so much attention is that the panda eats the carrot really hard, which makes for a fun and adorable watch.

The cute images, which can be viewed here, are captioned: “This year’s fall rain is better than the summer rain #panda #eat #lovely.”

The clip has grown in popularity online, racking up 404,000 likes.

More than 4,300 people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on loud panda consumption.

One TikTok user, A, wrote: “The only chewing I will ever tolerate.”

Another person, Ella Bell, added: “The only animal I allow to assault my ears with sounds of eating.”

Drunken Dog Mama said, “Animals are the only ones I can stand to hear anything else snap that drives me nuts.”

WesternEnterprise admitted, “For some reason, animals chewing loudly with their mouths full is satisfactory, but humans doing it is disgusting.”

Helen Reece Carpente typed: “I want to hug him so badly knowing he can and will tear me to shreds.”

Ladies First said, “This panda has better crunch than any of those videos on TikTok.”

Brenda Marshall revealed, “I’d kill my husband if he chewed like that … but not this cutie.”

Ronja remarked, “Let’s be honest … pandas don’t look real.”

Skittles2286 joked, “Me when I eat carrots and watch my shows on my day off lol.”

Snowmccall commented, “The joy in my life has boiled down to a cute panda eating a huge carrot **. Thanks for the smiles.”

Earlier in 2021, it was reported that China’s wild population of pandas had nearly doubled after a 30-year government-led effort to prevent the animal’s extinction.

Pandas are no longer endangered, although their numbers fell to less than 1,000 in the 1980s.

As to whether carrots are a usual snack for pandas, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) explains, “Although pandas are 99% vegetarian, their digestive systems are typical of a carnivore.

“For the 1% of their diet that is not bamboo, pandas eat eggs, small animals, carrion and forage in farmland for pumpkin, kidney beans, wheat and pig food. domestic workers. “

An image of a panda. In the viral video, an adorable baby panda can be seen loudly eating a carrot.

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