With the majority of Walt Disney World still looking magical, it’s hard to imagine that there are sections that can feel a bit abandoned.

Credit: Disney

With Disney World being the size of San Francisco, there’s plenty of room to put things that might not be in use. In the past, we have spoken of the now abandoned airport which was active on the property for a few years. There was also an entire water park, River Country, which was empty for many years, and prior to the construction of Disney’s Art of Animation, the space housed what many guests called a “ghost hotel” as it had been. abandoned during construction.

Country of the river
Credit: Coreyjune12

Now, it appears that Walt Disney’s personal plane, the Grumman G-159 Gulfstream 1, which Walt used to fly between Burbank and Orlando, also appears to be rather left unattended. Walt’s plane is currently in a service area north of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In a recent snapshot by photographer Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct), we can see that the plane’s hood is starting to come off, which could be causing water to accumulate in the plane’s housing.

Aerial view of Walt’s plane in a Walt Disney World service area. Looks like part of the tail is exposed, and rain could collect inside if the plastic is sealed tightly underneath.

@WDWGuestService Could you forward this report to the appropriate maintenance to verify conditions?

Hopefully, the exposed area of ​​the coating did not cause any damage to the exterior of the aircraft. Personally, I would love to see this plane being used in one of the Disney World parks, given the historical significance it holds. It almost seems wrong not to have the plane in an area that guests can watch!

Theme Park Architect (@ParkArchitect) responded to the Tweet with an interesting update on why the plane was moved and why it hasn’t moved since.

It got repainted when we started the DHS expansion and at one point there were plans to move to Glendale but no one wanted to fund the shipping costs. Disney offered it to the Florida Air Museums, but no takers. The interior is emptied. That’s where he landed (pun intended).

For now, it looks like the plane will stay at its current location for the foreseeable future.

Where would you like to see Walt’s plane in Disney World?

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