Will handcuffed himself to the door (Photo: SWNS)

Will Young handcuffed himself to the doors of a facility that breeds dogs for laboratory research, to protest the practice.

The Leave Right Now singer joined activists at MBR Acres in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, to call for the facility to be closed.

In a photo shared by the Camp Beagle campaign, the 42-year-old was seen sitting on the floor, wearing a flat cap, khaki jacket, white t-shirt and jeans, his right wrist handcuffed to bars.

In his other hand, the Pop Idol winner held a poster that read: “Cambridgeshire famous for Beagles Tour thanks to MBR”.

While Will might appear to be alone, many activists stood across the road, chanting for the beagles to be released and holding up their own signs.

Animal lover Will shared the photo in his Instagram Stories and wrote, “I look like Steptoe and Son! Free the beagles and stop animal testing.

He told Metro.co.uk: “I wanted to draw attention to animal testing and that this is a puppy farm that breeds over 2,000 beagle puppies a year for be sent to their inevitable torture and death. ” People don’t know that in this country and that’s why I handcuffed myself to the doors. ‘

Will Young handcuffs himself to MBR Acres

Will called for an end to animal testing (Photo: Twitter)

November 16, 2021. Will youngs is chained to the doors of MBR Acres despite an injunction preventing protesters from approaching the doors.  Will risks being arrested as a result of the stunt.  Will was protesting against the breeding of beagle puppies which are then used for tests etc.  MBR Acres, Huntingdon Credit: Terry Harris / CLICK NEWS AND MEDIA Ref: AMdef CLICK NEWS AND MEDIA - PICTURES@CLICKNEWSANDMEDIA.COM - 07774 321240 - STANDARD SPACE RATES APPLY

Police were seen talking to the singer (Photo: Terry Harris / CLICK NEWS AND MEDI)

Camp Beagle campaign member Hattie told Metro.co.uk: “He had said he would come visit her. Today we expected another truck full of puppies to be forcibly removed. of MBR, and we made the call, and Will answered that call for help.

“Anyone who has a dog, knows a dog or is a fan of dogs should say ‘enough is enough’. It is a horrible, dangerous and barbaric practice.

At one point, the police were seen talking to Will.

The Evergreen singer, who turns 20 in the music industry, is a big dog lover and has four of his own, including two, Domino and Diamond, whom he rescued after being euthanized in America.

MBR, or Marshall BioResources, breeds between 1,600 and 2,000 beagles per year, with the dogs then taken to animal testing labs across the UK at around 16 weeks of age.

The dogs are then exposed and fed to various substances to measure the effects of repeated exposure on the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and nervous system.

Many dogs are then killed at the age of six months.

Will worked with the Camp Beagle protesters (Photo: SWNS)

Protest at Camp Beagle at MBR Acres

The protest began in June (Photo: SOPA Images / LightRocket via Gett)

UK law currently requires all new drugs to be tested on two animals before they are administered before they are allowed into the market – a rodent and a non-rodent, usually a dog.

In 2020, out of 4,320 dog procedures, 4,270 involved beagles.

Explaining the campaign’s goals, Hattie said: “We want two things – we want MBR Acres to shut down and we want them to give us these beagles to repatriate, we have houses on hold. And we want the government to host EDM 175, which is an independent scientific debate to examine the success of scientific animal experiments.

Camp Beagle maintains that breeding beagles for animal testing is also dangerous to humans, due to the inability to find human cures and cures.

According to the FDA in the United States in 2006, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because their behavior in humans cannot be accurately predicted from animal studies.

Animal rights organization PETA offers “human cell cultures, high-speed computer simulations and organ-on-a-chip” as alternatives to animal testing.

The free Beagles MBR event in London

Campaigners want the facility closed (Photo: In pictures via Getty Images)

Camp Beagle, which is not a vegan campaign, has been protesting at MBR Acres since June, with a number of arrests among activists and MBR Acres has secured an order allowing police to evict protesters from the site.

The employees alleged that they were being harassed by “vicious” activists.

In August, an MBR statement read: “We must stress that we have no interest in hushing up a legitimate protest as long as it is carried out legally and peacefully, but we are absolutely concerned about stopping protesters who were leading harassment. and a vicious and unwarranted intimidation of our staff and others.

“These protesters are now excluded by the court from their campaign of harassment, intrusion and criminal damage directed against our staff, contractors and visitors.

“We will continue to run our operations in full compliance with Home Office regulations and our normal high welfare standards.

“We remain proud of what we do every day because our work enables advances in medicine to save millions of human and animal lives. “

Ricky Gervais also lent his voice to the opposition to breeding beagles for laboratory testing, previously saying: “I am deeply shocked to learn that thousands of beautiful beagles are being bred intensively, right here in the peace of the British countryside, for painful suffering and terrifying experiences of toxicity which has now been proven to fail utterly in the search for human cures and cures.

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