MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yuga Labs, the pioneering Web3 company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, today announced it has pledged $1 million to support arts and educational initiatives in Miami. The funding will expand and strengthen programs aimed at closing the opportunity gap for thousands of Miamians. This new program is launched with a $300,000 donation to the Venture Miami Scholarship Fund.

By supporting Miami-based initiatives, Yuga is connecting to its roots and giving back to the city where Bored Ape Yacht Club was born. Yuga co-founders Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano are proud Miami natives, as is Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz. Growing up there showed them firsthand the vibrant energy, diversity and endless opportunities for the community as a whole. Other organizations operating in Miami that focus on education, the arts, and diversity are being actively explored as part of this hometown commitment.

The first program to be named in this larger initiative is the Venture Miami Scholarship Fund. This program, which was created in partnership with the City of Miami, helps people in need start life without the burden of debt by allowing qualified students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a defined STEM or high-paying profession. and in demand with free tuition.

“We’ve been planning this for some time and are thrilled to finally announce Yuga’s investment in the future of our hometown. Miami has become the hub of a vibrant industry where Yuga Labs is at the forefront of innovation. innovation,” said Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs. “We have deep roots in Miami,” added Wylie Aronow, co-founder of Yuga Labs. “As we continue to grow our business here, we We are happy to also be able to contribute to creating a strong and passionate community where there are no barriers to access and where creativity knows no bounds.”

“Connecting local talent to career opportunities is an essential step in supporting Miami’s burgeoning tech and blockchain community,” said Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami. “Yuga Labs is a leader in Miami’s growing Web3 business community. We are thrilled to partner with them to provide Miamians with the education they need to earn sought-after careers with well-paying salaries.

This announcement follows Yuga’s previous pledge to donate 10,000,000 ApeCoin to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation and the Bored Ape Kennel Club Aftermarket Trades Creator Fee donation to support animal conservation charities. animals and shelters without killing.

About Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs is a Web3 company shaping the future through storytelling, experiences, and community. Guided by the belief that the potential of web3 can be realized when we start with imagination, not limits, Yuga’s initiatives aim to reimagine the real utility of NFTs and move the space as a whole forward. Since launching in April 2021 with the flagship Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, they have made headlines as one of the first companies to release IP licenses to their NFT holders, acquired and cleared rights to other major collections (CryptoPunks and Meebits), and made web3 history with record synced player participation in their new initiative, Otherside. One of the most ambitious interactive metaverse projects to date, Otherside is built with the community, rebelling against traditional walled gardens in play spaces.

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